Anti-Money Laundering Policy

It is the policy of Wirecard Card Solutions Limited (Wirecard) that all members of staff shall actively participate in preventing the services of Wirecard from being exploited by criminals and terrorists. This participation has as its objectives:

  • ensuring Wirecard's compliance with all applicable laws, statutory instruments of regulation, and requirements of any of Wirecard's supervisory bodies;
  • protecting Wirecard and all its staff as individuals from the risks associated with breaches of the law, regulations and supervisory requirements;
  • preserving Wirecard's good name against the risk of reputational damage presented by implication of involvement with money laundering and terrorist financing activities;
  • making a positive contribution to the fight against crime and terrorism.

To achieve these objectives, it is Wirecard's policy that:

  • every member of staff shall meet their personal obligations in accordance with their role, responsibilities and position in Wirecard;
  • commercial considerations shall never be permitted to take precedence over Wirecard's anti-money laundering commitment;
  • Wirecard's Money Laundering Reporting Officer (MLRO) and nominated persons acting under the instructions of the MLRO shall be given every assistance and cooperation by all members of staff in carrying out the duties of the appointment.