Wirecard Card Solutions Limited was placed into members voluntary liquidation on 11 November 2021. Christopher Herron (IP Number 8755) and Nicola Jayne Fisher (IP Number 9090), both of Herron Fisher, Satago Cottage, 360a Brighton Road, Croydon, CR2 6AL, were appointed joint liquidators of the company. Prior to this, Wirecard Card Solutions Limited ceased trading and prior to the cessation of trade, and in consultation with the relevant card programmes' programme managers, all cardholder funds held by Wirecard Card Solutions Limited were transferred to a properly authorised Electronic Money Institution (or equivalent). This process was undertaken under the close supervision of the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). Wirecard Card Solutions Limited was previously authorised by the FCA under the Electronic Money Regulations 2011 for the issuing of electronic money (FCA firm reference number: 900051); this authorisation was cancelled at the request of Wirecard Card Solutions Limited by the FCA effective from 3 November 2021.

If you are a cardholder of a card issued by Wirecard Card Solutions Limited and you have any queries in relation to your card or any funds held on that card, you should contact the relevant Electronic Money Institution for your card programme as listed below:

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Card programme New Electronic Money Institution Issuer Contact details
Payoneer Payoneer Europe Limited and Payoneer (EU) Ltd https://www.payoneer.com/
Curve Curve OS Limited https://www.curve.com/
Transferwise Transferwise https://wise.com/
U Holdings (U Account) PayrNet (Railsbank) wdcsreturns@railsbank.com
Travelex PPS prepaidmgmt_cardservices@mastercard.com
An Post PPS prepaidmgmt_cardservices@mastercard.com
Anna Financial PayrNet (Railsbank) support@railsbank.com
Asda PPS prepaidmgmt_cardservices@mastercard.com
Avios PPS prepaidmgmt_cardservices@mastercard.com
B4B (Payment Card Solutions) B4B Payments https://www.b4bpayments.com/
Barrhead Travel MCP PPS prepaidmgmt_cardservices@mastercard.com
BI Worldwide (BNP) Transact Payments Limited info@transactpaymentsltd.com
BI Worldwide (Other brands) PayrNet (Railsbank) wdcsreturns@railsbank.com
Bonayou PayrNet (Railsbank) support@railsbank.com
Boon PayrNet (Railsbank) wdcsreturns@railsbank.com
BPS (Alphyra) PayrNet (Railsbank) wdcsreturns@railsbank.com
British Airways Executive PPS prepaidmgmt_cardservices@mastercard.com
b-Social PayrNet (Railsbank) support@railsbank.com
Cadooz Moorwand customerservices@moorwand.com
CardOneMoney Spectrum Payment Services Limited https://www.cardonemoney.com/ContactUs.aspx
CardperClick PayrNet (Railsbank) support@railsbank.com
Caxton Fx Caxton FX https://www.caxtonfx.com/
Co-op PPS prepaidmgmt_cardservices@mastercard.com
CPS Transfers PayrNet (Railsbank) support@railsbank.com
Creditco PayrNet (Railsbank) support@railsbank.com
De Vere Group Moorwand customerservices@moorwand.com
DEK-Co PayrNet (Railsbank) support@railsbank.com
Digibon PayrNet (Railsbank) wdcsreturns@railsbank.com
Dzing Dzing info@dzing.com
EMP Corp PayrNet (Railsbank) wdcsreturns@railsbank.com
EPLUS / walletcard PayrNet (Railsbank) wdcsreturns@railsbank.com
EuroChange PPS prepaidmgmt_cardservices@mastercard.com
Expensa PayrNet (Railsbank) support@railsbank.com
FairFX Consumer PayrNet (Railsbank) customercare@omnio.global
FairFX Corporate PayrNet (Railsbank) customercare@omnio.global
FairFX Platinum Travel PayrNet (Railsbank) customercare@omnio.global
Flex e Vouchers EML Payments customer.service@emlpayments.com
Foris PayrNet (Railsbank) support@railsbank.com
Fortress PayrNet (Railsbank) wdcsreturns@railsbank.com
Glint EU PayrNet (Railsbank) support@railsbank.com
Glint UK Glint support@glintpay.com
HD Cards PayrNet (Railsbank) support@railsbank.com
Holvi Holvi www.holvi.com
Intercash PayrNet (Railsbank) support@railsbank.com
KANOO FOREIGN EXCHANGE MCP PPS prepaidmgmt_cardservices@mastercard.com
Last Minute PayrNet (Railsbank) wdcsreturns@railsbank.com
Loot PayrNet (Railsbank) wdcsreturns@railsbank.com
Loyaltek PayrNet (Railsbank) support@railsbank.com
Marq Millions PayrNet (Railsbank) wdcsreturns@railsbank.com
MBI PayrNet (Railsbank) wdcsreturns@railsbank.com
mBills PayrNet (Railsbank) wdcsreturns@railsbank.com
McLear PayrNet (Railsbank) support@railsbank.com
MFTEL PayrNet (Railsbank) support@railsbank.com
MIR Limited PayrNet (Railsbank) support@railsbank.com
Modulr Modulr Finance https://www.modulrfinance.com/contact-us
Money Corp (UK) PPS prepaidmgmt_cardservices@mastercard.com
Monzo (Mondo) Transact Payments Limited https://monzo.com/help/
MPMS PPS prepaidmgmt_cardservices@mastercard.com
Omnio PCT PayrNet (Railsbank) support@railsbank.com
Orange PayrNet (Railsbank) wdcsreturns@railsbank.com
Orwell (NF Money) PayrNet (Railsbank) wdcsreturns@railsbank.com
OX2B PayrNet (Railsbank) wdcsreturns@railsbank.com
Pay2D Paynetics cardassistance@paynetics.digital
Paygoo PayrNet (Railsbank) support@railsbank.com
Payhawk PayrNet (Railsbank) wdcsreturns@railsbank.com
Payment Card Technologies PayrNet (Railsbank) support@railsbank.com
Payment Cloud Technologies PayrNet (Railsbank) support@railsbank.com
Payment Plus (The Gift Card Company) PayrNet (Railsbank) support@railsbank.com
Paynovatio PayrNet (Railsbank) wdcsreturns@railsbank.com
Payout Paynetics cardassistance@paynetics.digital
Payzone PayrNet (Railsbank) wdcsreturns@railsbank.com
PCT Change Account PayrNet (Railsbank) wdcsreturns@railsbank.com
PFC Technology AB (Betalo) PayrNet (Railsbank) wdcsreturns@railsbank.com
Pockit PayrNet (Railsbank) support@railsbank.com
Pokerstars PayrNet (Railsbank) wdcsreturns@railsbank.com
Project Imagine PayrNet (Railsbank) wdcsreturns@railsbank.com
Pure And Solid PayrNet (Railsbank) wdcsreturns@railsbank.com
Quantum Marketing Services PayrNet (Railsbank) support@railsbank.com
Red Flag (Bokio) PayrNet (Railsbank) support@railsbank.com
Response Group PayrNet (Railsbank) support@railsbank.com
Revolut Revolut https://www.revolut.com/
Sainsburys PPS prepaidmgmt_cardservices@mastercard.com
Sainsburys Bank MCP PPS prepaidmgmt_cardservices@mastercard.com
Signature Privee PayrNet (Railsbank) wdcsreturns@railsbank.com
Simpled PayrNet (Railsbank) support@railsbank.com
SisalPay SisalPay SpA https://www.mooney.it/about/contatti
Soldo Soldo contact@soldo.com
Stocard Moorwand customerservices@moorwand.com
Telefoncia / mPass PayrNet (Railsbank) wdcsreturns@railsbank.com
TENX PayrNet (Railsbank) wdcsreturns@railsbank.com
Tesco PPS prepaidmgmt_cardservices@mastercard.com
ThinkMoney ThinkMoney info@thinkmoney.co.uk
Thomas Cook PPS prepaidmgmt_cardservices@mastercard.com
Transcash Italia PayrNet (Railsbank) wdcsreturns@railsbank.com
Tuxedo Money Solutions PayrNet (Railsbank) support@railsbank.com
Twisto PayrNet (Railsbank) wdcsreturns@railsbank.com
UCS Financial PayrNet (Railsbank) wdcsreturns@railsbank.com
UK Fuels PayrNet (Railsbank) support@railsbank.com
UK ICE (International Currency Exchange) PPS prepaidmgmt_cardservices@mastercard.com
UK Trade PPS prepaidmgmt_cardservices@mastercard.com
Verotel Merchant Services B.V PayrNet (Railsbank) support@railsbank.com
Via Payments PayrNet (Railsbank) wdcsreturns@railsbank.com
Virgin Holidays PPS prepaidmgmt_cardservices@mastercard.com
Vodafone PayrNet (Railsbank) wdcsreturns@railsbank.com
Western Union UK PPS prepaidmgmt_cardservices@mastercard.com
WEX (Corporate Pay) PayrNet (Railsbank) wdcsreturns@railsbank.com
Xapo Xapo www.xapo.com

If you are unsure which programme you are a cardholder of, please contact support@railsbank.com

If you are a merchant and have any queries in relation to Wirecard Card Solutions' acquiring services, previously offered through our parent company, please contact solutions@wirecard.com